Laser Hair Removal

At Leicester Laser Aesthetics we offer the most advanced laser for hair removal. The Elysion high power diode laser can remove unwanted hair in a fast and painless procedure. It can treat all skin types and with its patented ‘Crystal Freeze’ integrated cooling it can deliver high energy sufficient to destroy the hair follicle without causing any damage or discomfort to the surrounding skin.

Indeed Elysion is truly painless treatment and represents a major step forward in laser hair removal technology.


Watch an Elysion treatment:


How does it work?

The Elysion delivers a specific wavelength of light that is selectively absorbed by the melanin that surrounds each hair follicle. This dark pigment conducts the heat from the laser to the base of the follicle and disables the hair growth resulting in the hair falling our permanently. Approximately 7 days after treatment the hairs will fall out and you will be hair free for the next 7-8 weeks until your next treatment.

The key to successful laser hair removal is to deliver high energy to the follicle without damaging the skin. Most other lasers or IPL systems do not have a continuous feedback cooling system that maintains a stable, low skin temperature to protect the skin. As a result they must use lower energy with less effective results or they have a higher risk of side effects and discomfort.

Leicester Laser Aesthetics are the first clinic in the Midlands to offer this advanced technology.


See the results:


How many treatments are required?

The laser can only treat hair in the growing phase that is visible on the skin surface. There are three phases of hair growth so multiple treatments are required.

Due to the advanced technology of Elysion to deliver high energy without pain we can achieve maximum results in just 6 sessions for most people. Others who experience hormonal changes which may promote future hair growth may need more sessions. Typically each treatment is 8 weeks apart.


How much does treatment cost?

As Elysion is one of the fastest lasers on the market capable of delivering up to 15 pulses per second, treatment time is much less than other lasers and IPLs systems. As a result our prices are among the lowest in the market yet we deliver superior results. Please refer to our price list for current prices and offers. We offer a free consultation to all new clients.

How does Elysion compare to Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL) treatment IPL is not a laser it delivers a broad range or band of wavelengths many of which are not necessary or effective for removal of hair. As a result IPL is less focused or efficient at removing hair compared to the Elysion laser which uses a single optimum wavelength. Also IPL cannot or should not be used on darker skin types due to risk of burns or pigmentation. Elysion can be safely used on all skin types.